Clermont, Florida

How can Comcast exhibit such astounding incompetence and abysmal customer service and still be in business? I guess they must be paying off the right politicians to retain their monopoly on cable service.

I subscribed to Comcast cable and internet service in South Florida in November 2007. From the beginning I had nothing but problems. First, I could only get about 10 television channels. It took three months, a number of missed appointments, a series of visits by an assortment of chuckle-head technicians who each had a different theory of why I was not getting the service I was paying for. Finally, one chucklehead decided to change-out the cable box and that resolved the issue. Next, I couldn’t seem to get Comcast to send a correct bill. In addition, they do not offer billing notification through my online banking service as reputable companies do, nor would they send a billing notification to my email address. I had to settle for a paper bill via USPS. Then in May, my service was suspended for non-payment of the April bill. Of course I had paid in full and on time. Even a copy of the cancelled check was not sufficient to convince them that I had paid. When I phoned Comcast and advised the representative that I was dissatisfied with their service and wanted to cancel my subscription, she had the nerve to tell me that I could NOT cancel my service while my account was under suspension and that I would continue to be charged! None-the-less, I disconnected all the equipment and turned it in to Comcast (with another copy of the cancelled check). Undaunted by the fact that I had paid in full, they turned my account over to a collection agency and made a derogatory report to the credit bureaus.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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