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My name is Debbie Jay and I need to let everyone out there in TV, cable and internet land know that I was done very wrongly with Comcast and I'm a senior citizen... the same day they hook me up with my cable is the same day my good no problem TV stopped working...

My TV went out they refuse to accept the fact that it was their responsibility for why it went out... they refuse to take some of my calls they refused to return a lot of my calls... they know that I was done very wrong with Comcast... I have been disrespected with a few of their technicians on the phone and in person...

there were a few days I called crying to a couple supervisors they just dismissed the disrespect with conversation... I have had no satisfaction even as of today and I've been with them for 7 months nothing got done with my TV from the very first day that I had trouble with it I have been disrespected no one's doing anything about it but it's okay... I hope no one else or family member especially not an older person have to go through what I went through... so I will never ever recommend Comcast to anyone...

I also failed to say that they did not follow up or make follow-ups in/on the computer after visiting my home a few times about my TV... again I was disrespected in my home by one of the technicians and I asked them to politely leave my home... they never went back and put follow-ups in the computer about anything that they seen or discovered when they came out to my home... which led me to believe that something was not right with Comcast or they were trying to hide something and not taking my complaint serious...

which is a shame when you pay your bill faithfully every month...

but it's okay because I'm about to get rid of Comcast and I know that God is good... but never the less I will never ever use Comcast again or recommend them to anyone

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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