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They (COMCAST) claim they raise rates by $3.00-$4.00 sometimes monthly due to programmer charges ??? I ask why (COMCAST) take's it out on the customer, DEAL with the PROGRAMMER !

They also Changed my agreement, and my channel line-up, took away some channels I watched, and said I have to change my "package" in order to view those channels ??? This is dishonest on COMCAST end, lawfully they have no rights to change the channel line-up when my or anyone's else agreement(s) was for a certain package and or channel line-up that was agreed upon !!! I have contacted my attorney, I will consider a class action suit against COMCAST

If it was not for my under-handed city officials, and the MONOPOLY agreement they made with COMCAST, I would not have or recommend COMCAST, I will also make a complaint with my city council and Mayor to bring back competition of cable companies, so I have a choice !!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Comcast Cons: Monopoly, Customer service robot.

  • action law suit
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I agree with you totally!


I understand your frustration.

Problem is, Comcrust does have the Monopoly!

Where else woudl anyone in their right mind sign a contract stating that they (The company) can change the contract for any reason!

It's sick. But, if we wnat cable, we all need to sign away our souls.