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Never, ever believe anything anyone tells you at Comcast because you'll get a different story from every one you speak with.

I paid my bill using the automated service in a large sum of money on the 25th of Oct.

I then spoke with a live person from Comcast's customer service affirming that they would not attempt to withdraw the monies from my bank account. I was assured they would not. On the 28th I realized I was overdrawn in our bank account and couldn't figure out why. There should have been a lot of money in there.

My husband and I got into a huge argument about our bank account and why couldn't I keep track of how much money was in there. I then got into my online banking account and discovered that Comcast withdrew the same amount of money as what I had paid out of our bank account on the 26th of Oct. needless to say I was beyond angry at this point. On Monday the 29th of Oct, I started calling Comcast at 7:20 a.m.

in an attempt to get those monies back into our account. In the next two hours and 15 minutes I spoke with no less than seven (7) people from Washington (where I reside) to Texas, Connecticut, back to Washington. I was given a number for Comcast's consumer credit department. It was a fax number.

Two other people that I spoke with told me to call that number. I told them it was a fax, and I was told to try again. I spoke to customer service agents who were great, but also ones I could not understand because of their incredibly thick accents, to agents who weren't only not sympathetic, they were on the *** of being rude. I was told I could get a partial refund immediately, to a refund in 10 working days, to finally a lot of "I don't know('s)" all the time i was telling these agents that my husband and I were accruing overdraft charges and were bouncing all the other checks for bills paid with the money that Comcast stole from our bank.

Finally, I reached a very sympathetic woman in Washington who walked my refund i.d. number to her supervisor who was going to call me to tell me when the money would be back in our account (hopefully today she added). I didn't hear from them at all during the day yesterday and called at 5:00 p.m., no new info on our case I was told. Today, the 30th of Oct I called at 10:00a.m.

to find out my account had new notes which reflected that we would receive a refund in 3-5 days. No one from Comcast has called me to inform me of this yet and it's been 28 hours since I started trying to get our money back. They don 't care that we have NO MONEY FOR FOOD, ACCRUING BANK CHARGES for something we weren't responsible for, and DEVELOPING A BAD NAME WITH OTHER CREDITORS because either their payments aren't clearing or I can't pay them on time because I don't have money in our account to do so. Plain and simple.

(During this time I'm worried about my son who lives in Brooklyn and Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on him and his roommate. His apartment was going to flood so he had to find somewhere else to go. I needed the Comcast problem like I needed *** in my head.) I'm going to write the Washington State Attorney General following the upcoming election to find out why this kind of unauthorized use of consumer's monies is allowed without punishment and/or sanctions. Why should I have to pay my bank's charges for being out of money when it wasn't my fault.

It's darn certain that Comcast won't offer to pay them.


Never, ever believe what anyone tells you because you'll get a different story from every one you speak with.

Monetary Loss: $325.

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Olympia, Washington, United States #1150213

They took $170 out of my Visa for NHL channel, even though I had canceled it 3 weeks before it even took effect, AND THEY NEVER RETURNED IT! Only gave me "store credit" over the next 4 months. HATE COMCAST


They did the same thing with my mother. They took out money from an account that she cancelled before and won't return the money to her.

Clinton, Connecticut, United States #613870

I am going through the same thing with them ..The people in billing seem to have quite a scam going on...More people need to speak out..This Company needs to stop it's Employees from robbing peoples bank accounts..It is fraud and Embezzlement..Period..



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