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This horror story involves a series of errors Comcast made. I called on May 27, 2010 and cancelled all Comcast services. At the time, I was told we would receive a refund in the amount of $120.30 within 3-6 weeks. We still await this refund as I write this, almost three months later, despite many, many phone calls, misinformation from varied Comcast employees, and tremendous frustration on our part. In fact, Comcast last week promised it would arrive by Wednesday. I was told this at least five times by three different Comcast reps. When it did not arrive, I called and was told that, in fact, it would be here between Wednesday and Friday (this was the first mention of a Thursday or Friday arrival – and at least the 14th phone call regarding this matter).

Even more alarming, despite the cancellation, Comcast initiated an electronic funds withdrawal from our checking account a month later for almost $300. This unauthorized charge to our account was well after our service was cancelled, and after all Comcast equipment was returned. Even worse, Comcast never provided notice to us that it was going to, or in fact did, remove these funds from our account. As a result, our account was short the following month and we were charged overdraft fees resulting in an additional $408.00 billed to our account.

Despite our efforts, the bank is only willing to waive $70.00 of these fees; we were directed back to the responsible merchant (Comcast) regarding the balance. As such, Comcast's series of errors has caused our family direct damages in the amount of $727.77. Comcast is responsible for reimbursing us not only the original refund amount ($120.30), and the erroneous charge in June ($269.47), but all incurred bank charges due to the unauthorized taking of our funds ($338.00).

We were loyal Comcast customers for almost five years. During this time, we never missed a payment and always paid on time. The way this situation has affected our finances, with little or no sympathy or action on Comcast's part, is both disgusting and disheartening; at a minimum, it is actionable. We will have to see how all of this plays out, but I will avoid all things Comcast from now, and strongly suggest everyone do the same. This is no way to treat customers, and enough is enough. If you have experienced anything similar, post and let everyone know. I smell class-action suits in the air!

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XFAILITY/COMCRAP. I worked at the Lynnwood, WA call center where a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent email telling to work off the clock without pay.

We were fired when we complained to HR, but Kim (who is on her 4th husband) still works there.

We are going to win a class action lawsuit against them. call retention dept and ask for discounts/promos.


If you think it's bad being a Comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay. Call Retention Department to get discounts.


If you think it's bad being a Comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay. Call Retention Department to get discounts.


Comcast promotion scam

I have been billed for unauthorized HBO charges for 16 months since October of 2010. I have never ordered, authorized or used the HBO service. Comcast refused to refund the charges. According to the service rep, Ceasar (Employee ID 0310), the HBO charges debits and credits appeared on my monthly statements indicates that I am responsible for the payments if I don’t contact them to cancel the services after the 6 months trial period. The fact is that I set up auto payment and paperless statements, and then was too busy to review the details of the charges. However, the burden of proof should not be on the customers. The fact that we have an account with Comcast does not mean that they have the authority to add any charges in the name of “special offers” to my account and make the customers liable to the charges if they don’t notice and correct them in time. As I reviewed the details of the charges, I noticed that Comcast added another Cinemax “special offer” to my account without authorization recently in August. If I again overlook this, I will be charged for the Cinemax service starting in 2 months regardless of whether I am aware of the charges and the service being available.

I have been a loyal Comcast customer for almost a decade. I do not mind paying extra for the services I use and in fact been using their premium packet plus add-ons. However, I refuse to pay for services I neither use nor authorize. It is just unfortunate that Comcast chooses to adopt these dishonest business practices and promotion scams. I do not believe Comcast has the right to rob customers like these. Is anybody aware of any class litigation action to protect consumer rights? I’d like to be part of it.

had enough

i am happy to report that comcast FINALLY paid the $ they owed me, hand-delivered, in fact. and while i appreciate the fact that i was able to find ONE person over there to do their job, it stinks that it took SOOOO much work/effort on my part to get what was mine in the first place. i still hate comcast, but at least i can be done with them for once and for all.


Call the Public Service Comission !


When I had terrible trouble with Comcast, I called the HQ offices in Philadelphia and asked to speak to the CEO. I got to his office and the secretary got my complaint kicked up to the top tier of support.

A day later a regional Comcast manager contacted me and we worked out all the problems. This might not work for everyone but I was sweet as pie and they were willing to help me. Make sure to tell them how much trouble you've had at the first support tier and you want so action.

Try this phone number: 215-286-1700 MAKE SURE they do not put you in the regular customer service ***. Tell them you want your problem put in the Executive Service ***.


Comcast has horrible customer service. But being as large as they are, it really doesn't seem to matter.

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