Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Not resolved

You have begun to interfere entirely too often into my schedeled program--"All in the family. " You also have cut what is shown less during the alotted time.

I would appreciate very much having you complete the entire program promised! Twenty -four comercials intruduing into the program tonight shortened so that it made no sense whatever' and I detest everyone of these intrusions! Please desist from your interuptions of the called for program.

This letter is to Comcast Company which is used by our entire house and paid accordingly including intelligent service?

Please provide serevice, not unnecessary noise.

the adds are noisiating!

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Merrillville, Indiana, United States #249098

That was rude and uncalled for.

I'm embarrassed for you.

Given a choice between not knowing something or being intentionally mean spirited ~ I would much rather be called 'dumb.'

And I am sorry you were having a bad day.


Are you *** or something? Comcast has nothing to do with commercials.

The broadcasters of that channel do. I suggest you getting the phone number of that channel that showed All in the Family and complain to them instead of assuming that your cable provider did that.

They provide the cable.. they don't control it.

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