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I have tried to cancel the Comcast TV service for a year now. I have called over 40 or 50 times and you could see my calls noted on their system every single month multiple times.

It is never worked then they try to beat switch me into another product I didn’t even realize until a few months later. That hasn’t worked either I returned their product in August they continue to bill me even after they know I don’t have the service connected. Plus I have tried to work with the executive office talk to their customer service department even called a liar when a double payment happened on my mobile site of my account. Last issue I found the software Pegasus a i software designed in 2016 with an intent to listen in on phone conversations as well as read texts and email.

It was on my Comcast My Account app. I have screenshots from July and May of this year showing it Applied on my account who else could’ve done it as I was talking to their executives at that point in time about their double billing and inability to fix my emails which are still not fixed and my dissatisfaction with the TV service for months. I feel invaded and my privacy is at risk dealing with this company I’ve been called a liar I’ve been talked down to I’ve been hung up on and ignored. I filed a BBB complaint Along with another 1200 people this last year over similar issues.

I filed a public utilities commission complaint Which is also been ignored. I did discover though that Washington state Attorney General filed a class action suit against Comcast and won a $9 million amount for the consumers of that state this past October 2018. Found out Michigan and Minnesota have also filed a class action suits through their state I want Oregon to do that too. This is a monopoly and the only way you can wear his suit is to file in a mediation issue.

I do not want to pay money for something I do not have that I returned that I have told them multiple times since somebody give me advice I’d love it. This isn’t how you treat a senior citizen or maybe it is with Comcast they think they can get away with any kind of abuse towards everyone and put their head in the sand like an ostrich any advice is appreciated I’m still working on my complaint with the Oregon justice department

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Digital Tv Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: I want an apology for privacy issues. I want to stop being billed for items that have been returned as of August 31, 2019. I want to have no service billing to me back to just September 2018 as it never worked.

Comcast Cons: Tv service inept customer service including executive office, Incorrect billing, Recording when calling in, Poor customer service, Being lied to by agent that they had fixed the problem.

  • liars
  • Privacy Issues Pegasus Softwar
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