Tele-Media to Adelphia to Comcast....that's how the companies have morphed over the years in my area. I remember being told that you can't have internet only through Comcast. I've had Xfinity Bundled Services for years(basic cable & net). About 2 days ago, no more basic television shows...poof ...gone. Never, in over 14 years at this address, have I had HBO, Showtime, Cinemax...never needed or wanted them. Never ever had a cable box. But over the last few years...I've noticed some channels disappearing...like Sci Fi, Animal Planet, A & E, Food Network to name a few. Oh, "Bounce TV" had temporarily disappeared and magically returned.

To make a long story shorter, I've, for over 14 years, always signed up for the basic cable tv and internet, nothing else...period. Upgraded from analog tv's to the digital ones years ago. Been happy with bare bones tv; today, the customer account executive "Michael" tells me "I never had cable tv at all and that he can get my tv channels back for a higher price".

Being disabled, over-the-hill and on a small, fixed budget, I care not to "phone-sit" or "phone-fight".

Goodbye tv. I'll sell my flat screens at rock bottom prices to someone that I deem worthy. Or just give 'em to my kids.

I guess next, Comcast will shut off my internet service and tell me I've never had internet either and that the word "Bundled" means nothing. Have to start writing checks again & going to post office throughout the month...every month. But ok...I'll do that.

This is what seems to happen to us customers when companies get little to no competition. Increased prices, decreased products, decreased quality and "some" customer account representatives that probably do not sleep well at night because of lies that they have to tell to keep their jobs.

Oh, just for the record, I am an excellent paying customer. Wish I could go somewhere else now though.

Store Location: Colonial Heights, Virginia

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