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My cable service is paid for by my condominium association every month.

My tenant has internet service with Comcast and was late to pay his bill. They cut off his service and my cable service.

When I called to try and straighten it out, I was passed from one phone number to the next with people who could not speak English well. I was placed on hold for long periods of time. I was told my account was past due but they couldn't give me any information. They refused my request to speak to a supervisor.

I could not get my cable service turned back on which of course was paid for by my condo association until my tenant paid his internet bill.

I am so angry and frustrated. I wish I could get rid of Comcast. I hate them. To turn off my paid for cable because someone else is late for a different service is pure extortion and I am sure it must be illegal not that that matters.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Who's name is the bill in, and does comcast know theres 2 different people living in the same address?.

Why are you mad at Comcast for turning off the service when they weren't paid... why aren't you mad at your Tenant for not paying the bill?

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