This is a warning for everyone who terminates their Comcast service. After suffering a year of the lousiest cable and internet service ever I personally went to our Comcast office and turned in all my equipment and asked that my service be terminated effective that day.

My equipment was taken in and the clerk typed away on his computer and I was given a receipt and told all had been taken care of. That same evening I received via email what I assumed to be my final bill. Yesterday I received a paper bill showing a full charge for last month. When I called to question the billing I was told that turning in your equipment DOES NOT cancel your service.

You must call in to cancel your service and you will be billed for service until they decide to send a tech out to your address and disconnect the wires. I can't think of a more ludicrous policy. If you have no equipment you are obviously not receiving service.

When I asked the clerk to terminate you service why was I not told that he could not do that, that I had to make a call to Comcast. This last thumb in my eye by Comcast just confirms for me that moving my service back to DirectTV was the right move.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $96.

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