I cancelled comcast for a better deal . They were upset do to the fact I didn't contact them first .

The thing is I did and was told they do not price match . I asked for a final bill . They sent a man out to get the equipment which was 40 dollars. They sent me a bill including the 40 dollars that was supposed to be subtracted when it was returned .

I sent them a letter with the paper the man gave me after he took the boxes .They still will not deduct the 40 dollars, even with proof .I think these people are a bunch of arrogant basterds that thik the law does not apply to them. I would rather not watch TV if they were the only cable company left in the world .They are *** and make too much money for what they do .They sent me a collection letter stating that they will put my bill to the credit companies .

It's hard to deal with bottom feeders that do not take the time to acknowledge people and there rights . So , screw them they are useless and not very smart.


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