I have made five + calls to Comcast customer service to correct a problem that exists. The last two calls I requested a supervisor. The first request for a supervisor resulted in waiting over 20 minutes on hold for said supervisor, then being disconnected. The second request for a supervisor resulted in being sent back to the main menu.

Let me explain my issue.

On April 7 I contacted the movers edge program to transfer my service from NJ to AL. Upon learning of my new address in Alabama, the representative at movers edge informed me that Comcast did not service that area and instructed me to contact Time Warner Cable for service. Since Comcast was unable to transfer my service I set a termination date of April 28, 2014. I was told that since I had already paid for service from March 28 to April 27 I would receive a final bill for one day of service. I confirmed the date of termination and asked for a confirmation code, the representative informed me that their system did not provide confirmation codes but if I should need to call Comcast the termination order and date were clearly in the system.

April 8 I watched the news in the morning and try to watch some other shows. I was experiencing problems with my service and assumed that Comcast had an outage (again) somewhere. My internet went down. I checked the TV and that service was also gone. I called Comcast to find out that they were not having any problems but rather had terminated my service. The computer system had my termination date as April 28 and no one could explain to me why my service was terminated on April 8 instead.

The representative on the phone told me that In order to get my service back I must sign up again for Comcast. I told the representative to turn my service back on as it should not have been turned off in the first place. I was told that I will be billed for the service and receive a manual credit for the payment I had already made. I do not understand the logic to this, my service should have just been turned back on and continued from the original service date.

On April 28th ALL the equipment I had, two HD boxes, 4 DTA's and one telephone modem, were returned. This was verified with another representative during one of my numerous calls to customer service.

After several calls and numerous charges and credits, I received a "sorry to see you go" bill for $122.63. At no time have I been credited for the termination of services on April 8th and the March 28 to April 27th payment that I had made (prorated for March 28 to April 8 service).

I do not understand why Comcast could not just turn my service back on and apologize for the inconvenience. I should never have been charged again for service I had already paid for. This is poor customer service at best and a pitiful way to end a 15+ year relationship with Comcast.

At every call I was told that the computer system for movers edge, termination and return of equipment were not connected in any way with the billing department and I had to wait for weekly or bi-weekly reports to be sent to billing to verify that I had my service terminated and that I turned in my equipment. This boggles the mind, Comcast is a large corporation and yet it cannot coordinate between departments?

I will continue to try to speak to a supervisor to straighten this out, in reading other reviews I do see that I am not alone in the nightmare of terminating service and being billed improperly. For the most part Comcast was a good service, however their customer service has always left me questioning their ability to provide adequate customer service when issues arise.

What have I learned from this experience? 1. Don't cancel Comcast until the day before you want it turned off. 2. Don't use the movers edge service. 3. Photograph ALL the equipment you are turning in and record all the information about said equipment. Even with a receipt listing all your equipment as turned in you can be told that you still owe Comcast equipment and you will be charged.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $115.

Location: Enterprise, Alabama

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Follow up:

I emailed my complaint to Comcast (we_can_help@cable.comcast.com) and not more than 12 hours later I received a call from Comcast. The woman was very polite and explained that she read my email, looked over my account, and was ready to resolve the issue.

After our conversation she said she was crediting my account and I should receive one more bill with a zero balance.

She also gave me her direct line and told me to call her if I did not.

I give Comcast credit for contacting me and dealing with this issue. Unfortunately the issue should never have happened in the first place. Comcast needs to retrain its employees and improve its systems that handle complaints by customers, especially those systems that deal with billing.

I found the email address to use in the Comcast forum system. I was only able to read in the forum as I was no longer a Comcast customer.

This email address should actually be made available somewhere more prominent as I am sure not too many people know of its existence.

Now I wait to see if I am truly out of this Comcast nightmare.


Location should be Burlington, NJ not Alabama for issue :roll