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Comcast representative came over my house to offer a deal. They made all the paperwork and scheduled an installation date.

However, 2 days before the installation date, I called them to cancel because I want to retain my service with another company. But they went ahead and took my number and now I don't have any dial tone. Every time I try to call them, nobody seems to know how to help me get my number back.

Comcast customer service is the worst. I don't know how they were able to get my phone number and leave it in limbo.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Didn't call Comcast. Never spoke with them.

All of the sudden, my ATT Uverse phone doesn't work. Check it out and find out Comcast ported it to their system. WTF?!?!?

Nobody can explain it. Anyone know how this could have happened?


I'm compiling a list of people and stories just like this for a class action against Comcast. I'm in the middle of a situation that's been ongoing since 8/29. As of today STILL no dial tone.

Send your story to ComcastLawsuit@Gmail.com


Comcast just took my number without my permission at all! No one in my home made the order, Comcast can not provide me with the mandatory third party recording of our approval, because there wasn't one.

This is illegal. I am so mad. I have had no dial tone for two days and AT&T says it will be 3-5 days to get it back.

Where can I go to get information on how to sue Comcast, this is against FCC regulation. Or do you know of any contact information to someone at Comcast that will at least offer me some credit to my Cable bill?


Once you request for your phone number to be moved... it can take time as they must request the number from your previous provider. If you then cancel, it may be already in process with a third party phone # porting company, and be too late to stop. Your phone number ported to comcast. Now you must contact your phone company to have them request it be ported back from comcast. This can take a few days depending on your provider.

I recommend deciding what you would like before you place an order with a company.

No- I do not work with comcast.

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