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I have tried to watch shows using xfinity online services and all I get is 30 commercials before every show. Sometimes, after too many ads, I still won't get to see my show due to 10min pauses. The commercials are the same ones over and over again. I call for help and feel I need to provide hair and blood samples before they will help. I was told to install ad blocker software but, It doesn't help. WTF!!! xfinity, If anything, you are turning me away from the ads that you promote by bombarding me with them. Can anyone help? I am so frustrated.

xfinity customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Xfinity Commercial.

Reason of review: Too many commercials and poor delivery..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I hate the comcast commercial abount the winter games retarted it has a ugly *** on there i like to shot her in her head take that off the air

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