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I was at a conference in Chicago and had a beer at a bar. Sitting next to me was the Comcast lobbyist for my region, who just so happened to fly the State Representative of my district out so he could go to a cable company conference as her guest, on Comcast's dime.

Everything was on the lobbyiest even my food and drink, which was nice. The most interesting part of the night is when she told me that I was getting ripped off by my deal with Comcast. She gave me her card and told me to call or email her when I got back to the Seattle area but she never returned my messages. My internet goes out at least once a day.

My cable was out on Thanksgiving during my football teams last game with their rival of 118 years. I was told that they would keep my rate low b/c the infrastructure in my area was bad (didn't do good due diligence before acquirement a company in the area). They continued to raise my rate anyway even to $202 a month last month and I only had the second tier service.

Even they couldn't explain it to me. Yeahhhhh Comcast.....you are about to loose this customer that you've had for 12 years but I realize it's falling on ears that don't care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

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It's worse being an employee of CONcast. They fired us after we complained about a supervisor sending emails telling us to work off the clock without pay. We won a class action lawsuit.

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