Atlanta, Georgia

We started off with a 2 package service, cable and internet, probably under $100 several years ago. Then progressively after the initial term of service, either 6 months or a year, they started slowly jacking up the $129 to $150 and the highest our bill ever got was $180!!!

Granted we did have HBO, but this was a bit outrageous considering we only had two services. They never notified us of any of the price increases beforehand. We called Comcast customer service after each rate increase and they could not care two cents about us and told us we could take what we were paying or leave it. The customer service is horrible.

We got fed up and switched our cable over to DirecTV and had an instant savings of $110 per month! Unfortunately, they are the only provider in our area that offers internet service and so we are stuck paying $70 per month without any way around it and it is exhausting having to call every month or every month to argue with these people to get them to decrease our rates or to try and get them to offer a fair, flat rate.

Two words: PRICE GOUGING! So sick of Comcast!!!

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*** Comcast they are the *** devil PRICE GOUGING PIECES OF ***,they are a *** monopoly owned by NBC so bend the *** over cause they dont give a *** *** what any one thinks they have you over a barrel with no lube .God knows they arent spending the money on their customer service up selling *** and dumb as a *** rock


I despise Comcast. I was paying them $200 a month from a $99 package and that was not enough for them.

I only have Internet at $44.95 now. Now my bill is $70. I started serice from the 15th to the 14th of the month yet my bill date is the 30th. They want me to pay ahead for service.

One day past the 30th, I get hit with a late fee of $10 and they cut my service and charged a reconnection fee$5-10 plus and of course my modem fee, $10. This started in February. Since February only had 28 days, I paid on the 3rd, so in reality I was only 1 day late. So sick of them.

I heard some laws are about to change so they are getting every last dollar they can. When there is a viable alternative, I will never do business with this company again.


How about a Comcast Blackout day? Everybody with Comcast service leave their TV's off for 24 hours.




I was so fed up with the Comcast price *** that I bought a ROKU box. The best $50 ever spent.

We get over 200,000 shows and television programs piped right to our TV using our wireless internet at NO COST. It literally plugs in using the same connection as a VCR to your TV. Once it is plugged in, all that you have to do it turn on your TV to that connection. It will walk you through choosing which channels you want to watch and help you customize your shows.

It took me five minutes to setup and I am by no means that techy. If you need help - you can talk to ROKU customer service on their web site And they really do answer the questions.

No way am I ever going to pay Comcast's high prices again ! :) :) :)


I'm searching now to replace Comcast, we've been with them as customer since 1978, and I can't tell you how much it has changed from a customer service (good) company to a "greed" company. Everyone who has commented B4 my message is right....Comcast is no longer the better Cable Company.

My only option is to go with Direct TV, from what I understand, once they locked in your price it will not change for at least 2yrs.


I switched my cable and internet yesterday from Comcast. The email for my next bill arrived and it had gone up yet another $10, it's gone up $10 a month for the last 4 months.

I'm up from $120 at the end of last year to $160, and I have had enough. Every time I call them they say it's "gradual increases over time" so that it doesn't hurt the customer so bad to have to pay the whole years increase at once.

That was the last straw for me, it certainly won't be hurting me anymore. My new services are $100 less A MONTH than what Comcast was charging.


Haha, I'm glad there are other people out there who hate comcast. Did anyone else experience the irony of having an ad pop up for Comcast Xfinity midway through the forum?


I guess comcast never heard of the law of deminishing returns, whichs means if you gouge so much people start disconnecting.


My 2 free digital adaptors that are required to get my cable service now costs $3.98 per month. My total bill went up 20% in the last year.

My cable bill is now almost as much as my electric


Verizon wants my business. I guess it's time to switch.


My bill has gone from $150 to $227 from Sept to Oct. this is for bundled service (net, Tv,landline.)


My bill has gone from $104 per month after the introductory period to $137, and that's after I returned the cable modem that was costing me $7 per month to 'lease' ($3 initially, gradual inceases). Now they are increasing TV and internet rates, adding another $6 to my bill.

The two DTRs will now cost me $2 per month on Oct.1. The first two were FREE from the beginning.

Now they are going to charge, prohibiting me from watching any TV except broadcast TV if I don't want to pay them. The company is nothing short of greedy.


I had two services when I had to use comcast. New development and SBC did not offer it in that area.

The bill for promotion was 65.95 for cable and internet for six months. I never watched the tv so ended up just down grading to the net only. They told me me that my bill just for the cable would be 65.95. Every other month cents have been added to my bill.

Nearly a year later and my new bill is 70.44. No missed pays no cancels and they are taking my bill up for the same service that I had in the beginning now faster speeds or notice of why the prices are continuing to slowly rise.