took me 2 phone &;;;; 3 visits to store to get paperless billing turned off then they wanted to have me due their job & upgrade my internet motem ∧ tv control box when I upgraded to a new motem they asked for my debit card after they got it someone attempted a unauthorized charge on my card, strangley on the same day. My card was frozen.

I had not used this card for anything else for a month why do they need my card to turn on their motem i have been a customer for over 20 years ∧ I just want them to send me a bill in the mail. Also agreed to conract on phone TO LOWER BILL TO REASONABLE AMOUNT THE NEXT MONTH THE BILL WAS AS AGREED, THE MONTH AFTER IT WHENT UP OVER 50 BUCKS WHENT TO STORE TO TALK TO LIVE PERSON DENIED PHONE DEAL WAS EVER MADE

Location: Spokane, Washington

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