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Around the 4th of July weekend my internet went out randomly one night. after doing basic troubleshooting myself I called in to find out that there was an outage in my area.

This happened for 4 nights in a row before i started to notice that it was going out around the same time and would come about roughly 3 hours from when it went out. this went on like clockwork for two weeks before they finally credited me 35 dollars off of my bill. I was also told that there was line work being done in my area, but I should rest assured that the problem is fixed and I shouldn't have any more issues. that night the internet went out again.

called back in on a monday about 4 weeks into the issue and was told that the issue was now with their servers.

I cancelled my account and have until the 28th of July before my services are shut off. Even as i type there is an outage in my area again tonight until midnight.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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East Orange, New Jersey, United States #1185332

Dude, I started having outages on the 4th too. Every few days it would drop and start back up for like 14 hours.

Now today both cable and internet are both out and Comcast can't even get anyone out here until Saturday.

I'm about to cancel my service as well. Pay too much for it to be out all the time.

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