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The conversion boxes are a joke. I needed 5 of them and none of them nor any of the cheap *** remotes worked properly. After being on the phone with people who spoke languanges I couldn't understand, and 2 hours later, they finally worked.

Did I mention I had to pay for three of the boxes? What a rip off. Since then all 5 TV's are not operating properly, mostly missing channels. On the phone again today with non-english speaking customer service people who could not fix the problem so now I have to wait a week for a technician to come to the house. That after the guy tried to tell me to take all the boxes back to a Comcast center for repair (although given the cheap *** Comcast uses maybe they are all bad).

At the end of the conversation he asked why I did not have Comcast phone service, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!

My Comcast internet service is spotty at best and suffers all the time from weak signals, the rip off they effected with this conversion has created a revenue source that doesn't work and again penalizes the subscriber, their customer service stinks and you can't understand them (use Americans!) and oh by the way I just got my rate increase notice.

Yea let me give them my phone service too and while your at it my healthcare.

I told the guy I cannot wait for Verizon Fios so I can get rid of the Evil Empire from my house and even if they are worse, it can't be as bad as it is now. Sure the Roberts, Cohen's, Burke's and others get rich while the rest of us poor suckers suffer. I hope the NBC buyout is a disaster.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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I FEEL FOR ya Rusty! and they want their money ON TIME, Service not on time. I finally switched to TMoble at home phone, at least if "all circuits are busy it will take a MESSAGE.


On my screen there is an ad for Comcast at the end of the article!

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