if I as as a customer /and senior asked billing to set me up with a scheduled through your company for you to be bill me each month @ the 3rd of each month .soooo.why would you deliberately bill me each month in the middle of the *** month.. on purpose...adding extra charges because you decided to bill me when /against me as customer.

.from the date I initially set up to even be a customer. .As you are deliberately. .trying to f**up my credit to watch F**TV..THAT"S YOUR GAME..TO YOUR CUSTOMERS ON PERPOSE....Now if you look at my true record...every month like clockwork I usually go down to your facility in Balto. each month..1st of the month..what I see is their are several persons in your enterprise that should/must be removed.starting with the tele untouchable..so they think telephone reps.

.they are only looking for brownie points...but not looking out for the/your customers ..YOUR TRUE customers make your corp work..Last month when I went to your payment offc as usual....mind you..1st of the month...To pay my bill..That's when .

their were 15 people in line returning your cable equipment..so I asked why...Each person /customer said the same thing...you are not billing me on my agreed billing date(You are adding extra cost to me .F***my credit. Bye.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Store Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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