Goose Creek, South Carolina
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I lost internet service Monday night. Comcast walked me through every step imaginable to connect.

After all that the man got a message that our area had an outage. Tuesday they told me the outage was fixed and there was something wrong with my modem. I replaced my own modem with a Comcast modem ($7 forever), tried again and then called the company. They sent a technician today and determined there was an outage in the area and other users were calling in.

After about 2 hours work they got me on line.

Comcast has a communication problem. If you have a choice choose another ISP.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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If you call the support # with the phone listed on your account, often times they will have an automated message informing you of an outage. But, not always.

Outages here happen occasionally.

When they do, I call and sit tight. 90% of the time it's resolved with a few to several hours.

Its' ALWAYS a good idea to call and report an outage. They'll have to cycle your modem, reboot your pc... run a test and say your modem looks fine so it's something on your end.

Just tell them 'no', my end is fine. When enough people call in to report an outage in an area, it triggers something at Comcast and they look into it.

Stick with your own modem and you'll save yourself allot of headaches! But, make sure it's DOCSYS 3.0.

I have a Motorola SB6141. An excellent cable modem.