Yesterday I called one authorized retailer for Comcast - I got this number from the leasing office of the apt I'm moving in to. I spoke with a guy named Kevin (who by the way didn't give me any last name or ID number). He said that I could get a package for new users for internet of 20mbps for $34.99, and that that price would be the same every month for ONE YEAR. After that, Kevin told me that I could get the modem by paying $134.89 (109.95 modem + 14.95 shipping + 9.99 tax), and that after two month they would give my money back an the modem would be mine.

I gave him my credit card information, and they've charged me for the modem. Before I hang up the phone, Kevin gave me a number to call to schedule the installation.

I called this number and they told me that they couldn't schedule anything because I had first to go to Comcast in person.

I went to the center in Chamblee, and once I got there, the attendant told me that nobody set up an Comcast account for, and that the internet speed of 20mbps and the price of $34.99 DOESN'T EXIST!!!!

DOESN'T EXIST!! How is that possible? I spoke with a real person on the phone, that gave me this package, charged me for that amount of money, and then they tell me it doesn't exist? The attendant told me there was nothing he could do, and that I should call Comcast.

So, I did it, and spent almost 2 hours on the phone for them to tell me the same thing: the package didn't exist, and that they couldn't cancel it because I didn't have an account. Besides that, they couldn't find any information saying that I had payed for the modem, even though I did, I have an email that proves it, and my bank statement says so.

The lady on the phone told me they would give me my money back, but didn't give me any further information - and again, this was the same lady that told me she couldn't find the bank transaction...

Today I decided to call the retailer again, and they didn't let me speak to Kevin (the guy who sold me the "nonexistent" package), but I spoke to a girl, Cristal. She could find the order for the internet at 20mbps for $34.99, but she told me that it really doesn't exist (whaaaaaat?), so I asked her to cancel that for me, which I hope she did, but I have absolutely no confirmation for that.

She also gave me a number to call to get my money back. I called that number, and after a long time trying to prove that MY ORDER did REALLY EXIST, they found it and told me they will refund me within 24 hours, and that they will send me an email once this happens.

I am completely pissed about their service, because it isn't my fault AT ALL that they sold me the wrong package, and nobody did anything to try to solve it, besides saying that I had to get a different and most expensive package. Why should I pay for their mistake? This is not the way to solve things, because, again, IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT THEY DID SOMETHING WRONG!

And besides, having me call them two days in a row for about 5 hours to (hopefully/finally) get something solved and my money back is a complete irresponsibility and lack of consideration with their costumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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