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They will say and do anything to get your business. I spoke to Rito at #22038 to set up our account.

I spoke with him first and he said that he could not offer the IPAD. So I went on line where I saw the IPAD was offered. I ended up having to deal with a person so I called him back to be loyal to the first person I spoke with, he was so happy that I called him back because as soon as we hung up the IPAD deal came across his desk. After the installation, I called every month to make sure we were in good standing for the IPAD and everything was fine until it was time to send me my IPAD.

Now it is the Ipod touch, which they have sent! It is still in the box waiting to switch with the IPAD! I spoke with "Lisa" on 11/12/10 and she said that she would take care of this, she knew that they had offered the IPAD as a promotion, of course she did not call me back.

I keep calling and they say they never had the IPAD as an offer now. What a heartless company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Welcome to the crowd !!! I have been calling them for weeks. Everytime, I get a different excuse with every phone call why I am not getting an Ipod.




I had a similar experience. I called about the Ipod offer.

The ad said that it was given to you if you sign up for a triple play combo. When I called I was told that I had to get the higher triple play to get the ipod. I asked if I needed to sign a contract and was told no. I signed up and waited for my ipod to come.

After about two months I called and they said that I had to have a good account history for 90 day. I called again and they gave me the number of the company that handles the promotions for them. I called and they had no record of my ipod. I called the company again and they said they would look into it and call me back.

They never did so I called them back and was told that again they would check into this and get back to me. They did get back to me in three days and told me that I had to sign up for two years in order to get the ipod. I told them that this was the first time I heard of the requirement.

Got a followup call two months later, after I filed with the better business bureau, and was told that they do not have an ipod for me. The must tell the employees to tell people that if they had one they would send it out (second time someone said this to me on the phone).

In the end I got nothing, what a bunch of crooks

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