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Comcast makes me curse even more than when I get angry with my 9yr old daughter - and she can get me pretty angry. I had believed that in the United States companies are not supposed to be allowed to monopolize. Well, I'm pretty sure that Comcast is a monopoly - unless you have service from Comcast you do not have cable television! I used to live in Hollywood, FL back in the late '80s, early '90s and recall when there were quite a few different cable companies to choose from; Jones Cable, ATT Broadband, and a handful of others. I remember actually being able to make phone calls to these different companies, and comparing packages and prices. You actually got a CHOICE of who you wanted to be your cable company and THEN get to choose an Internet Service Provider seperately.

Cable is way too expensive...even the least expensive of their cable plans is too much money to spend in a month. I so miss the days of going to the store, buying a new television, coming home and plugging it in to the electric outlet and whala! you could sit and watch tv. I think it's outrageous that you buy a television - it's paid for - and then you have to pay someone else to watch it. The cost of watching TV runs more in a 1 year than the cost of the television itself - THAT'S A SHAME!! So then in reality it's just like paying for your television 10 times over. RIDICULOUS! But what's just atrocious that there is no other cable company to choose from.

Now here's something that really gets my blood boiling. I could pay $39 monthy for satellite, get well over 150 channels and not have to deal with Comcast all together - but get this...I live in public housing and God only knows why those crazy people will not allow the satellite dish to be installed on the apartment buildings! GO FIGURE!

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I hate comcast too expenvise


i am raving mad at comcast cable. when i first got cable it was with jones cable co.

then they were bought out by comcast. I was paying about $39.00 a month with jones about 12 years ago and now i am paying $165.oo per month. I like western movies and comcast seems to have about about 10 movies in their library that the play over and over again.

I am sick and tired of watching the same old ***. If they are going to raise their rates once a year, at least have some programing avaliable that some what equals the ridicilous prices they are charging us.


Cancelled television 8 years ago, still don't miss it. When I can just pay for the channels I want, instead of paying for 150 channels to get the 1-2 I might watch, then I might think about tv.

As far as Internet....

$70 a month for super high speed, Why? I just dropped down to their slowed speed for $40 a month and will prolly cancel that shortly as well and just move back to DSL.


If you think it's bad being a Comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay. Call Retention Department to get discounts.


Ok folks who hate comcast, they tell you flat out that you're on a promotional rate for a certain amount of time. But omg come on...

consumers are getting pickier and more demanding on the content they watch and they want it on demand and on DVR. This is an EXPENSIVE service. Why you ask? Because with DVR, you fast forward the commercials cause you hate them (don't lie, you do!) and the commercial companies pay the majority of your cable bill!!

Wake up idiots! Its just like the healthcare system, your employer is paying the majority of your healthcare premiums so DO NOT COMPLAIN!


No, they're not worse than Time Warner, believe me.


We were paying over $200 just for cable with comcast...went with ATT and now we pay $190 for cable, (with more channels than comcast), plus phone and internet.

We are saving about $150 a month now.


It's not like it's a necessity. If you can't afford it then, so be it.

It's not like I'm complaining because I can't afford a Lamborghini. I can get by with a more economical car without all the bells and whistles.

Just like you can get by with an antenna hooked up to your t.v. Not to mention it would be free!


comcast can go F&%! themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


While I'm on this rant, I would like to add that I also think it's a load of *** that they are the ONLY cable co in my area. That would be like only having one gas station to choose from.

I'm sure Comcast loves this, but it's so unfair to the general public. Of course, it allows them to charge what they want, when they want, and thanks to people who do pay for it, they won't ever change it. I may not be so furious if cable were some savvy, new technology. But, lets face it folks, cable has been around for years and years.

It's been paid for probably 10 times over!! When the put someone on one of their "promotions", they should also be obligated to tell you EXACTLY the day that it's over so you can call ahead and do something to avoid getting a bill triple what you have budgeted into your monthly outgo. I don't know about the rest of you, but I, for one am not loaded rich. If I get a bill that's double or triple what I have budgeted, I am pretty well up a creek.

Something else has to suffer, and to make ANYTHING suffer for cable TV makes me extremely angry. It's not like I have some great package. I get channels 2 to like 99.

PERIOD. I only have this because I have 4 kids and they like to watch some shows, and seriously, who, in this day and age doesn't have a TV in their home?


I totally agree! I have Comcast who is, unfortunately, the ONLY cable provider in my area.

I would go with Dish, but then I lost my internet. I was on a promo with Comcast, paying $71 per month for cable/internet. I was happy(er) with that, b/c I had it for 12 months. Then with no warning, WHAMMO!

a $183.23 bill. I was FURIOUSl. And of course was told that, "You can't be on back to back promotions".

So I am paying $100 a month, lost over 70 channels, and was also told if I pay this for 3 months, I can get a promo with the same channels I am currently paying out the *** for, for the bargain price of $54 a month. Wow, thanks for the "great deal" Comcast.


Comcast decided to put me on a promo rate last year. I didn't ask for it.

Been paying 42.95 for over four years. They jumped up to 59.95.

Going back to DSL almost half price. Don't care about speed.


Agree with "way too expensive". No one needs TV at all. Go to the library, play the radio, or learn to talk to each other.


WOW you live in public housing and your worrying about cable, sounds to me that you should be more worried about getting you and your daughter out of public housing before worrying about cable or satelite.


Yeah....comcast just decided to double my monthly charges. Apparently the monthly $42.50 rate I had was a 6 month promotional charge.

Now they want over $87 dollars a month for the same service. To told them where to stick their service.