New Bedford, Massachusetts
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Firstly., they bill a month in advance.... That goes up my *** !

Secondly.,If you dont pay their extortion they shut you off ! (Radio Waves)

They are a monopoly., If there is ever a competitor comcast will fold !

I mean you can switch to Direct TV but in some cases (like mine) The landlord doesnt want a dish attatched to the house !

I *** hate comcast with a burning white hot passion !!!!!

Attica., Attica... Anarchy should set things off., I;d like to see that company fold., Go bankrupt., Be just a bad memory !

Comcast Cable TV Blows ! People unite tell them they suck !

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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COMCAST STINK LIKE HOT N FRESH TURDS. U right about them jerking u a month in advance. I have had a bill over $159 past due and nothing but trying to be a good consumer I have been current with my bill but am now just $26 dollars past ue and thay got the nerve to cut my cable off which sucks because i get paid friday and was gonna pay them but now im not paying those big barrels of monkey nuts a single penny!!!!!!!!

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