Boulder Creek, California

Cable reception suddenly got really bad (lost most of the channels, most of the rest were unwatchable due to pixelation).

Called Comcast and went through the usual lengthy diagnostic steps - resetting the cable box etc. Made no difference so they setup an appointment for a technician to visit. Technician showed up on-time, which was the last thing that happened as promised. Technician checked the incoming signal and said the signal from the street was very weak and he needed to check that out. About 10 minutes later he calls from his cell phone and says that he doesn't like climbing the pole so needs a truck with a lift bucket to come by to take a look at it. Says it will be done before the end of the day.

No one shows up, but I then get an automated call saying my issue is resolved - "if you disagree, press "2". Pressing "2" gets a busy signal and the call hangs up.

Call customer support again. They tell me that they will get a truck out the next day and I'll receive a call by 4:00 PM the next day.

No call - no one shows up - problem still happens.

Call customer service again. They create a whole new ticket and tell me that someone will come by the next day and that's all they can do. No way to escalate, no way to talk to anyone else.

Next day comes - no call - no one shows up.

I call back customer service - and am told that the issue is resolved! So no one will be coming out. Of course the problem has not been fixed (by the way the technician left a bunch of wires hanging out of the box on the pole so I know no one has done anything) Best thing they can do is schedule another visit tomorrow.

4 days in a row - many hours on the phone - no promise of anything getting done. No way to escalate and no way to contact Comcast (only a call center which really doesn't care except to tell you it is not their fault.)

We need competing cable companies. (dish is no good b/c we live where there are trees).

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I inadvertently entered all my information in the profile section (if you are able to pull it up)regarding my stressful day of irritation & frustration started by the first tech that I reached this morning around 10:50am in the Philippines which triggered my perfectly working cable to go into a nonworking mode. I called to pay my bill.

I wasn't having trouble any trouble with cable, did not need repairs or service. I only inquired if "on demand" comes with my pkg. She told me that it does & she made so many attempts to add it that it messed up everything. There must be a way to undo what she did & bring the service back to where it was...I don't care about the on demand feature.

I can't go into it again tonight as there were so many calls with people in the Phillipines that only as useful as the last person. None of them can resolve a simple tel. problem, this is not a situation for a tech to come out as they keep telling me, & they send you out on a mission to get another box, saying the box is bad. The box was never bad as it worked till Natasha who had to use guesswork, messed up something with the signaling.

Then the Phillipines call ctr. doesn't tell me when I let them know that I will go to the Quincy cable store & pick up the box as they requested (that they moved). We need local service & local call ctrs. What happened to the needs of the customer.

These people are insensitive, they don't relate, they don't resolve & push it on tech visit. they are telling me that the new box is bad now. I honestly feel that they are all carbon copies & know about 4 or 5 buttons to push. Why is it that we cannot get any tel.

#s for a MA call ctr. After speaking with about 4 or 5 people in the Phillipines, I requested a MA # and was a little stressed out with them but apologized. One of them put me on hold for a long period of time after I kept pursing this request for a local tel. # & promised that it was a direct line & not to hang up.

I also asked for the #. (I wasn't able to understand a couple of people & was not getting the problem resolved). Well, he had me holding on for eternity....he did say not to hang up; however he promised that the tel. # was also in my area.

I couldn't hang on any longer. I called the tel. # that he provided & it was a nonworking #.

I believe that he did this intentionally as he was offended at my request. Is there a problem with that??

I don't believe both boxes are bad as he's claiming & everything worked previous to my call this am to pay my bill.


Completely agree, Comcast is absolute garbage