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stayed home all day waiting for cable install, said they would be out between 3&5pm. called @430pm to find out whats up?

they said guy was running late would be there around 6pm my girl friend checked her her phone and there was a voice mail, it was from comcrap saying they had come by the house and no one was there. I was working in the front yard all day,we would have to rescheduale. I promptly called them and told the above, they sent a guy by 2 hours later. he said the signal was to weak and a Bucket truck would have to come out to do some thing to the lines on the pole, he said he was informing dispatch of this and they would be out today sunday, between 11@12 noon.

they came came around 945am. went up the telephone pole and came down saying the same thing the guy who came out saturday said it's the pole wires. he said the prior guy never sent comcrap the message for the bucket truck. The sunday tech said they would be out this week.

I just moved into this two family. A half hour after the tech left this morning. The other tentant in the house came over to tell me they now have no internet, since the cable guy left today.

I'm sure they love me, there new niehbor.

Thank you COMCRAP!!! there is much more to add but I need to let it go before i EXPLODE

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #695407

Sorry for such a long complaint. The Comcast Tech arrived at 2:55 pm.

Was unable to get service running because his dispatcher did not explain my service order correctly. He will be back tomorrow morning if he possibly can or another tech is promised to be here and able to finally fix the service. Just want to emphasize, the Tech is a very nice and knowledgeable person. He genuinely tried to help and he said that all the techs are being dispatched to like 15 calls a day whereas about 9 calls a day is normal.

Each call taking about an hour. Not his fault.

The office workers at Comcast are messed up and reflect the entire company. A total mess.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #695320

I don't know if complaining about Comcast/Xfinity on this forum will help me. Probably not.

We had a typical Florida storm two weeks ago and it knocked out one of my digi/satellite (DirectTV) and my internet (ATT). DirectTV would not fix it because I refuse to pay for the HBO/Entertainment pkg. that we never wanted, came free with install for 3 months, they would not take it off my bill, however, I always paid the agreed upon amount promptly for Direct and for ATT internet. They said they would adjust the bill but continued to charge me and because I would not pay for what I never ordered, they refused to fix the TV.

AT&T promptly came and replaced the router-modem box. Shocking, because I've had problems with AT&T service before. Anyway, we ordered Comcast/Xfinity Friday,July 26th, they were to install the following Thursday, August 1. Never showed.

We called and they had no record of our order. So, we reordered, asked if we could pick up the equipment and install ourselves and they said yes. So, we go to pick up equipment, was told again, no record of our order. We had to leave, call again and re-re-order, go back into store and pick up equipment (the lady there was very, very rude, could not explain but did confirm that Comcast has this happen all the time and that is just tough luck for us), got the equipment home and hooked up again and the main DVR/HD receiver was said to be faulty after calling service again.

We took it back, got another receiver, hooked it up and it would not work, again. Was then told on the phone that it was not (and never was) the receiver; a tech would have to come out because the satellite interfered with the cable connection. A service appointment was made for today, Wednesday August 7. No Show.

Comcast called and verified appointment and then called to say they would "try" and have someone out here later today. First was from 10am to 1pm. Now from 1pm to 3pm. It is now 2pm and still no tech from Comcast has arrived.

This is such a lousy experience. I even thought about going back to AT&T Uverse tv, but they are a nightmare to deal with on billing errors. I could just stick with Direct TV and see if I can resolve the billing errors there. However, satellite tv and Florida weather do not get along; every time it rains the picture goes out.

I've been happy with the Xfinity and the Uverse products before but the billing errors and high cost, and the horrible service is not worth it. Already, Comcast/Xfinity has cost me gas money and minutes on both of our phones just trying to get the damned service hooked up. This is ridiculous. Actually, I could just can the whole idea of cable or satellite and just go with free streaming from the internet to my tv's.

We could take that trip to Tahiti with the money we would save. If these ungrateful and thieving, unscrupulous TV companies think they have us all screwed with no options, they are really wrong.

I will complain to the FCC, hopefully if we all get together and make our voices heard by the right people we can make a change for the better. :x :upset :?

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