Knoxville, Tennessee
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From day 1 we have had nothing but problems with Comcast. We have internet and cable and the installer didn't install the internet correctly.

The tech who came out to check the problem never even left his truck and then we got the runaround for a month until we had a friend fix the problem. They never compansated us or even appologized. We were charged for that whole month when we didn't even have service. We then have had too many problems with our cable and internet to list.

Ooo and RUDE customer service including managers.We have spent numerous hours on the phone aurguing with them. We are canceling our service after 8 months and I am sure we will be robbed of our deposit .

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I will never deal with comcast agian. I was a loyal customer for years, then they became bigger and bigger.

Anyway I got the 3 for 99 bundle that was set for a year or supposed to be then with in 6 months they had raise the price three times. I called to cancel and told them at my previous residents I had them and loved them. I also told them how disappointed I was that they were jumping prices the way they were. I was told go somewhere else if you are to cheap to pay for our service.

So that is what I did, after about three weeks of them refusing to remove their phone line from my house and keeping it so I could not call out on it. I was 8 months preggie and fought for about 4 hours a day. then they would no longer take my calls or hang up on me when I called. Finally I had to contact a lawyer andPublic commision and have them forced out.

Then to top it off when Verizon came to put my line in all the phone lines were cut.

He said this is common with comcast customers. They could offer everything they have free and everyone else could charge 500.00 a month and I still would not use comcast :(

Marabella, San Fernando, Trinidad And Tobago #50710


Your company is the worst I have seen in my 35 years as a resident of ElDorado County. We have had your techs out several times to fix problem with your equipment. The first time you gave us a bad cable box. Most recently we had no internet. Your techs came out to look at the router, and and blamed it on our brand new computer.We then spent money trying to get our computer fixed, and in the end we called you back when nothing worked.Your wireless tech said it was comcasts router and guided us through the process of rebooting our router because of bad software uploaded to the router ie- "The Google Bug". After calling and making a formal complaint about the tech's that came to the house that day and did nothing.We then spoke with customer no-service tech #9U?, he assured us that we would recieve a $30 credit on our account and promised us 16 mgbs for 1 year. This of course did'nt happen and we had to place another call. After being on hold for over 30 min. and 3 customer no-service people, we spoke with Micheal #YCS and since there was no record of the conversation with tech #9U? told us in so many words that we are screwed and all they can offer is a pro-rate for the internet that we were down in the amount of $9.50 ish. In hind sight I don't know what I could have done differently. I guess this is a sign of the times that big business doesnt care about us, just the money that we give. Service seems to be a thing of the past, maybe if enough of us swich companys it will force you, Comcast, to rethink your motives.

Very Angry Customer

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