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I don't remember the exact date I started having problems with my internet and cable. I believe around December of 2017, the NIGHTMARE HORRIBLE SERVICE BEGAN.

First my internet became really slow, and was taking 3 days to download a game. Then my cable started freezing up, and I had to reset my receivers more times than I can count, to fix this problem. I have talked to Tech Support, the Loyalty team, and Executive Customer Relations. Your Tech Support says that your service team has been to my house 5 times to fix the problem.

I remember 3 times that I had to take off work, because I had to fill out vacation slips for the time I missed. Your executive customer relations says two. I finally escalated the call On 2-5-18, to an ajorda204. They came out on 2-8-18, I had him move my router/modem upstairs, to hard-wire my gaming systems to the modem, which fixed my internet problem.

They never fixed my cable, I figured our contract was up in 6-7 months, so I will just deal with it. We set up Directv and had them for a few days, I went out of town and came back, and found out my mom set service back up with COMCAST. I do not know why? The problem with my cable freezing up continues.

I called and talked to customer service to have my problem escalated, to fix this problem. I got an email from Brittny W on Sept 24th I called her back that day and left a message. I waited a couple days called back, and then talked to another lady in customer relations and asked to speak to Brittny, She wasn't available. I called again the next day and left a message.

Finally on Friday I got a hold of her. The first thing out of her mouth was what do you want? I don't know what you want? it says you want to cancel your service.

I kept trying to explain to her tried what I wanted and she kept interrupting me. I finally asked if she was gonna let me talk, she said "yes go ahead". As soon as I started talking she interrupted me again. I then asked to go above her head.

She said rudely, "That's not gonna happen." I told her I will find out who is above her and complain. She said "that's fine, no matter who you complain to, or what you do it will always come back to me." I finally had it escalated to a manager and had an appointment set up, but my mother didn't know anything about it so she cancelled it. The manager closed the ticket out, because I was going out of town. When I got back I called and set up an appointment for Friday October 26th, and wrote a letter to The Better Business Bureau.

The service tech. came out Friday and found there was water in one of the outside cables. So he replaced the cable that was wet and assumed this was the problem, made sure our cable was running and left. This was not the problem, and my cable is still freezing up.

So now I have another appointment set up for October 30th. My new customer relations person is Rudy A. I talked to him today and he said "SOMETHING NEW HAPPENED WITHIN THOSE THREE DAYS THAT IS CAUSING THE SAME PROBLEM I HAVE BEEN HAVING FOR MONTHS." Haha. I am dumbfounded at how rude and bad customer service is with this company.

I have pretty much been called a liar. They do not care that people have to take time off work, waste day after day for them to fix a problem. On the x-finity forum there are a lot of people with the same problem. I will update and let everyone know how many days it takes them to get my cable running the way it should.

If they can, which I am doubting. I am writing an e-mail to the vice president of customer service to let him know my experience. Executive Customer Relations says he will just pass it back to them. So I really don't think anyone at this company cares about the customers, and what they go through just to get this EXPENSIVE CABLE to run like it should.

Not only is this the worst cable I have ever had, it is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I am telling you "save yourself a major headache and avoid this nightmare company called Comcast."

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Moore, Oklahoma

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maria B

I sure would, if I knew what other company to get my services from . If I lived alone, I"d dump the whole package.

except internet. Got to have that .