Well let's just start by saying the complex I live in demands you get Comcast for cable. In lawrenceville Georgia and all surrounding areas of Atlanta Georgia makes the demand of what cable company you are to have and is not good for residents.

This is the land of the free you should be able to purchase whoever you want as long as it is a professional company. It's. It like rental properties are paying the bills. Comcast always keeps my bill with a late payment on the bill no matter how many times I pay my bills even up to date bills still have payment due from Comcast.

Comcast claims that's the way the bill is but when on promotional deal for $35 a month for 1 yr. the bill was the same every month as soon as I decided to continue services with Comcast the bill started going up and up inconsistent billing! To this day I'm still waiting on a supervisor to correct my bill. Comcast changes your bill without notice not only after promo ends but randomly mine has changed from the agreed plans.

Anytime I have changed to more reasonable plans Comcast finds a way to put me back on their higher price plan that I didn't request. Right now I supposed to have Comcast internet plus plan which is supposed to be 75rm speed of internet with some cable channels price of plan was somewhere around 85 dollars and I'm paying what I used to pay when I had a complete cable plan no internet price $130 a month and I should only be paying around $70-$80 with late fees.

Comas always have been scammers of money and service thy also know that when we live in apartments we have no control over who we want our provider to be so they keep taking advantage of their customers this the worst company in the world they don't correct their bills or service. It's ridiculous I have been waiting for three months now for a supervisor over the phone reps and no one has called me yet they just keep adding on to my bill.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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