I had sent him an email, he asked for my address and never got back to me. Finally he called and asked for my SSN, and credit card number.

I only said that I wasn't feeling comfortable saying it over the phone, and I would prefer to provide the information to the person who comes to set up the system. His tone was rude and harsh. He was kind of bullying me. I finally gave my SSN and CC information over the phone, about which I still feel uncomfortable.

If I had a choice, I would stay with RCN, these guys are nice, and professional. But my building only accepts comcast. After he got all my personal information, he said he would get back to me - again didn't mention a time - and still I haven't heard from him. I will talk again to the manager and if I have any choice, I will not stay with comcast.

I am not going to pay somebody to be rude to me. If he hates people, he shouldn't work with people. I wish you would invest on training your employees on how to talk to customers.

People have a choice, they can just choose another service. I am very disappointed, and pissed off that I have to get comcast.

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I've setup 4 comcast accounts in the last 12 years and I'm sorry to tell you this but they never ask for a credit card number. I think he never got back to you because he used that info to book an all expense paid by you vacation.

I'd keep an eye on your credit report if I were you. You should never give your personal info to someone who calls you.

Ask for their extension and call them back on their listed business number. If they can't or unwilling to give it to you report them to the police.


Oh my goodness they want proof of who you are to put in a secure system tather than tell a technician who will write it on paper and can pass the information along to others or drop it or throw it away in a public place to be stolen...shame on comcast for keeping your information secure...the phone reps will never have access to that unless they write it down...then the call is documented and the workers information is easy to find and he or she can be found...shame on them for not allowing you to give private information to someone in a comcast uniform....where do u live...i will come over with a fake comcast id and uniform so i can get your credit card number an ssn...i could use some extra money


Mike is entirely right! If you don't like giving out SSN and credit card number to start services you can always just use an antenna!

How rude of them to ask for your SSN and credit card info. Total horrible customer service! They're supposed to believe us when we tell them that we have good credit and pay our bills on time!


On the other hand, I've been watching nothing but public service announcements via my antenna and haven't looked back.


You don't say if you already have a Comcast account. If you are trying to set one up, you definitely need to provide your info.

I have never heard of handling that through the service person.

You DO have a choice - don't get anything. Use an antenna or pay for city-wide wireless broadband if you just need internet.