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Starting in the beginning of May 2008 my husband and I got divorced. We moved into a new house and the first thing we did was call comcast.

They came out the first week of May and installed our tv and internet services. The gentleman was very nice and said we just needed to contact customer service to have the three email accounts on my ex husbands transferred over to our new account. Easy enough- that's what I thought. I contacted customer service right away and the Rep put in a ticket to have this completed.

I called back a few days later to check and make sure it was completed and was told the ticket had been closed and the tech did not see any problems with us accessing our emails and they were working fine. I advised them that this was not the issue the ticket should have been opened for and that we we're just trying to transfer over our emails- we were not having any problem accessing them at all. The rep then put in a new ticket and told me it would now be entered correctly and completed within 48 hours. At this time customer service also contacted my ex husband to make sure his permission was granted for this to take place.

On May 12th I called back to see what the status of the claim was. I was given some tired excuse and told that they would make it a priority so that it would be complete within 24 hours. I told them I would like a call back when this was completed to avoid any further time of mine wasted calling back in. On May 17th I still had not heard anything regarding the ticket and transfer of our email accounts and once again phoned comcast.

This time I was told it was still pening and someone would be calling me on Monday. I never did receive this call and had to phone back in again on May 25th. This time I spoke with a Supervisor named Veronica/Ronnie. She looked into the issue a bit further and said the reason this was taking so long and still pending was because comcast had not received permission from my ex husband (which they already had at the beginning of the month).

Rather than spend anymore time on the phone I said I would call him and have him call in to give his permission again. Ronnie said as soon as they spoke with him the issue would be taken care of within a few hours. My ex husband called and gave his permission. Later that day I still did not hear anything from Ronnie and called back.

I was told she had left for the day and as far as this supervisor new it would take 24-48 hours to be completed now. I waited another week. On June 1st I had still not heard anything and called back. This time I spoke with a supervisor named James.

After going over the problem for what seemed to be the thousandth time he said the reason nothing was being completed on this ticket now was because last weekend when they finally spoke with and got permission from my ex husband that the rep simply forgot to resubmit the ticket! He resubmitted the ticket and assured me this time that it had all the correct information, everyone's approval, and that it would be complete in 24-72 hours. He also reassured me and noted on the account again for whomever that completes this calls me to let me know it has been complete. Now here I am, it is June 8th.

I still had not received a phone call and once again had to take time out of my day to call comcast. Today I spoke with a Sup named Greg. He advised me that this ticket is still waiting to be assigned for a tier 2 rep to complete. I told him that I thought it was an eslcated/emergeny flagged ticket and was to be completed immediately according to the past Supervisors.

He confirmed this but could not give me any reason to why it has been 8 days and still it has not been assigned nor completed. He could not give me any time frame as to how long it will take for someone to get assigned to this or how much longer my ticket will have to be out in limbo. It doesn't seem to me that in any customer service enviorment that an eslcated issue should take 8 days or more to get resolved. I wouldn't have minded waiting the 8 days in the beginning, but considering we have already been dealing with this for the past month it seems a little rediculus that this cannot be made a priority.

Everyone at comcast seems very good about putting the blame on the person who handled the situation before them and giving excuses, but no one seems able to do anything to fix the situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #23320

Forwarned is forarmed,

yes I think you should have don your homework and found out from bothsides then you could have made your own mind up .

And yes for 2 educated people you are very *** if you just to look at the negative side of anything you buy.

and as for the guys who bought the sampler it tells you on the paperwork when you can use it since you already own timeshare I would have thought that would have been yoiur first question, if as a sample owner note sample you could reserve prime time we would all do it some people dont seem to have the brains they were born with

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