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It took 3H on the phone with 3 different people, going to the local Comcast office and 3 different people on Comcast chat to hear every time that the service has been restored at the original price, but when checking my service every time something was removed from the original service! Calling back about it to restore it I found out that the price was about the same eg $190!including taxes!

I am a Comcast customer for over 10 years, using them for internet, TV and phone services, I never paid over $150 per month, and because I moved to a new location (HOA including basic Comcast services + HBO), Comcast is telling me that the price was a promotional price for 1 year only, but there is nothing that I signed or document like billing showing that fact!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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North Port, Florida, United States #744007

My situation is similar. First time Comcast customer for about 1.5 yrs now...

and they are THE ABSOLUTE WORST business of any kind I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I am a building/remodeling contractor for almost 30 years now, and "my" customer's satisfaction is my priority, so I know customer relations.

Anyhow, Comcast screwed our service up from day 1. Install, which wasn't necessary anyhow as our home is pre-wired RG6 and only 6 yrs old, took 2 weeks to initiate! We were quoted 74.99 1st 6 months, then 94.99 thereafter...

NO CONTRACT! Our first bill was over 240.00... for nothing! Took 3 months to straighten that out.

I returned the rented junk cable modem after buying a used one for 20.00 on Ebay. My latest bill: 192.00 for absolutely NOTHING other than basic channels, one *** HD STB (no clock?), two what were FREE small DTV boxes for the spare bedrooms, AND, the jerks added the 7.00/month rental on a cable modem again... after being returned for over a year! How screwed up can one company get?

I had Brighthouse for years and not one problem with billing, service, and not one charge for installation or service if required. I paid 119.00 for an HD DVR, VoIP Phone service, and Roadrunner Turbo.

Comcast just plain out-n-out sucks, and I am perusing filing an official complaint with Florida's Attorney General, Pam Bondi!

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