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I was on with 2 wonderful voices 4 about 3 hours trying to get my e mail, my password an they didn't work, these voises couldn't get me a new password, so after being on hold for 35+minutes . I was sent to customer security team they didn't answer after another 20 minutes i hung up.I will try them again in the am.

I spend $166.00+ a month on comcast with my TV, phone and kndle you would think i would get better service. Marjorie Ayers.


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You need to cancel service immediately. Look for another provider especially if you are a paying customer.

There is a lot more "why" behind the scenes and it is only going to get a lot worse for comcast if that is possible. Research is all political. There are some very pissed off hackers, etc out to destroy comcast, MSNBC and large corporations connected to them and the DNC. This is global (Russia, China, N.

Korea, etc). The deep, dark internet !!!!!