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We've has Comcast for about a month. The equipment is old and not user friendly.

The first DVR we had would start a recorded show in the middle of the show. Personally, I prefer to watch shows from the beginning. So, they sent a technician out with a replacement. When my husband, who is blind, asked the technician to set up the DVR for him, he was told, "Don't talk to me".

Now the second DVR will not record when we hit the record button; it says there are no shows called "The Tonight Show" nor is there a show called "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon". So we called about that and they tried to reset the DVR and not we have no TV reception at all! As you can see, the internet works, or I wouldn't be here warning you about Comcast.

But no TV. They come by some time tomorrow...

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Woodstock, Illinois, United States #629149

seeing as how you've only had comcast for 1 month you don't know that all of their equipment is leased out to customers, meaning they borrow it for a monthly fee, not all of their technology is going to be new or work 100%, it's not a surprise and they are generally good with this. as for the rude comment from the technician they are NOT, i repeat NOT responsible for his words, the technician alone is responsible for his words and he should not have said what he said, you should have told someone about him.

when they reset the dvr the tv will go out, as they must send the signal to the receiver in order to reset it.

going to label this as a *** review because you didn't even give them a chance. i for one am VERY happy with comcast so far, we've been a customer for over 7 years and are still happy to have them as our ISP, TVSP, PSP.

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