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After a ten year cohabitation with Comcrap, I gave this greedy and uncaring company the boot.

In a matter of three months my bill went from $121.38 to $148.96 to a final straw of $160.21.

I called these thugs, only to get the response of "We can raise our rates at any time." My response was I can cancel at any time. So after searching the options in this area I said good-by Comcrap.

Returned my equipment to the store nearest me in Tacoma, then had to deal with a smart mouth teenager or 20+ year old with an Oh well attitude.

This company needs to take a required people skills course and take time to review their rates. Comcrap will find as time goes on, their will be other companies offering the same service for less.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Comcast Cons: Customer service, Price, Service, Lies.

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