I ordered the Comcast bundle over 1.5 years ago and my bill has been steadily increasing ever since the 6 month promotion expired. It started around $139 for all three services and now is over $200 per month.

Comcast won't reduce the bill unless I strip away services. However, when I ask how much my bill would be reduced for eliminated phone service, they told me the bill would actually increase. Amazing! Its that special 2 year agreement they focus on and god forbid you sign up for a bundle and want to cancel within your 2 year window.

Its a wonderful world out there with these cable companies and bundles. Just say no to the bundles, then you have a way out of the commitment when you need it.

When your promotion period ends with the cable company for your bundle, so does the good rate and there is no getting it back! Insanity!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Location: Naperville, Illinois

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Maybe this will work for you too. I fought Comcast online CS for two weeks over a jacked up Bill and "free" promotional Triple Play services that they would not honor.

Finally I took the order confirmation and bill to the local Comcast/Xfinity office and they removed all of the extra charges and got my bill and services all back to what I had signed up for.....in about ten minutes. PLUS the kind lady gave me a 5% store discount, upgraded me with 80 additional channels, doubled my internet speed and gave me a free months service. And she warned me to NEVER order services from Comcast Online and Never contact Online CS.....only work with the local Comcast/Infinity Stores in person if at all possible.

Good advice! It's like working with a totally different company!


There sooooo needs to be a class action lawsuit against these people


I feel your pain, except when I begged to downgrade in the Philadelphia area, to basic, after I got bills in the 300s I was told I couldn't sowngrade because I had a past due balance because of looking at the bill seeing a past due balance, and they amount due of 0 yes zero dollars after I spent 5 hr getting credits and my plan fixed. Figure that out.

I finally cancelled, and was still being billed because you can't apparently cancell when you have a past due amt BUT they can shut your service off for nonpayment?the person I live with switch to clear, and then to verizon. So technically because of not being able to downgrade or cancel im really owed money back lol and have a darn bill on my credit report.

In philly because they just built the new building they can do whatever they want to, seriously my ex husband pays like 200 a month for cable with no hd tvs. :cry :( oooo and the other day while driving I got cut off by one of their service vans.


brian_roberts@comcast.com is email address of CEO of Comcast


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