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Comcast with their desire to lead is leading the way in the worst service of all the providers out there. They claim their X1 box is the best thing since sliced bread, HA.

When you go to an Xfinity store it all works great, but get home connect your X1 and wait for the speeds you have at home are no where near the speed they demonstrate at the Xfinity store, and it will never be.

All the X1 is doing is making the consumer dumber, they include such apps like Netflix and SlingTV, SlingTV is for doing away with the provider TV service, all you need is Internet, and there is also the Fire Stick this allows you to completely get rid of any cable box, just keep the Internet service and you can get any show you want to watch. I really enjoy the Fire Stick and have it on all the TV's at my home, no more cable bill, only Internet and no more error screens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xfinity X1 Anyroom Dvr Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The reason it didn’t work when you got home is because you have *** wiring. Don’t blame a company because you would rather DIY instead of paying $40 for a professional install. When installed correctly, the X1 is awesome.