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To Board of directors and CEO Brian Roberts:

Dear Sirs:

I have reached my end point with your Corporation.

Your service is so poor,substandard, I have taken it upon myself to endevour to switch my entire 1,500 home neighborhood to Direct TV or ATT- Uverse when it becomes available this fall.

I have NEVER seen in my 60 years such unprofessionalism, horrendous service, lies and double billing as goes on with your corporation. Since the only item you seem to understand is money, which rules your decisions, maybe less of it will awake you from your slumber. Your service is beyond disgraceful. Look at your own Facebook page and READ the comments, which are nonstop complaints without resolution.

Talking to a "technician" over the phone (if you can understand the broken English and reading from a script), is not only insulting but a complete waste of my time. Most of these encounters result in multiple disconnects (on your end), transfers and non resolution of the main issue. I have personally caught your company double and triple billing me for certain equipment, items, etc. When brought to the attention of the high school dropouts you hire, at the end of the phone,I get the same moronic meretricious responses. (Please explain how you can bill me for HDTV boxes and TV services, when I have no TV services)!!

As soon as ATT U-verse is installed in the fall, i will be done with your company. I switched to DTV April-2013 and am extremely satisfied. Unfortunately, I am stuck with your internet which goes out several times a DAY for a period of several minutes (I have an FCC Class one license in Radio and TV, and have a full and much more knowledgeable understanding on this topic that 99% of your "trained" staff).

You need to have a very long internal examination of company policy. I suggest Brain Roberts begin his internal exam with an enema, as he and the rest of your company is full of it. Trust me, as a physician, that would be beneficial.

I seriously doubt I will get any response worth posting, but you can be assured, you have and will lose many more customer with your attitude.

name blocked for privacy

I request a WRITTEN response to this email.

cc-FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler

  • Customer service Comcast
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follow up----never got any response worth posting...Now a DTV customer and will be switching to ATT for internet when in area next month. Comcast is a greedy dishonest corporation that has grown way to big for itself, and i say that as an initial investor in 1983!

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