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Letter I am sending to Comcast

VERY incompetent employees

Comcast Cable Corporate Office

One Comcast Center,

Philadelphia, PA 19103

January 31st, 2016

To whom it may concern:

(From Allarah LaVelle- Account #8495 84 002 0137570)

• I have been getting kicked off the internet since September or early October. In October I got a new modem because on my screen, it showed that I needed to upgrade. The modem was defective. On 10/27/15 a guy came to my house to service it. He said it was defective and gave me a new one and took the other one back.

• Oct, Nov and beginning of Dec I was again kicked off the internet quite often. Called Comcast and they suggested I send it back AGAIN. The new one came and still having problems.

• 12-23-15: Spoke to someone who offered me a new deal with HBO and SHO free for a year for a “maximum of $145, including putting the phone back with Comcast (I had switched it to Vonage cause I was trying to save money).

• He stated: “I will take care of it ma’am, you don’t need to call Vonage. Someone will call you back to confirm”. NO ONE CALLED. Says “You will have the phone back before Christmas”. That never happened.

• I got emails from Comcast saying to please call them. I did and I spoke to someone who said, “That is not Comcast sending you that email, cause everything is fine on our end and it looks like you will have phone service by 12/28.”


• Got another email from Comcast saying to call them. Called and was told there was no problem.

• Beginning of January got the new modem. Plugged it in and all the lights turned on but not the phone one.

• I kept getting an email from Vonage saying they can’t charge my card, so it’s obvious that they don’t even know I switched to Comcast. Comcast says ignore it.

• 1-7-16:

Spoke to a woman from Giana and spent over an hour on the phone. She re-set the modem and tried everything and it wouldn’t work. I was getting frustrated by then. She said “I PROMISE I will call you tomorrow at 6pm. I told her that was the time I would be home. However, my phone doesn’t work so I gave her my cell phone. NO CALL came through.

• 1-14-16: I called again. Spoke to a guy who put me on hold for a VERY long time cause he said the original person that changed my service did not make the call to activate it. I was on my cell. I got fed up of waiting and looked at my phone and he had disconnected me.


At this point I started writing down names and employee #’s.

Loren- Employee # 2E6, says what SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED was that someone should have connected me with someone from PROVISIONS and someone would have to call me back. I didn’t believe anyone would but I was hopeful.

• Kerri (Employee # VKS)from Provisions did call this time. I was on the phone with her till 9 pm, almost two hours since I called.

• Kerri said “They never activated your phone and someone was supposed to call you from Verifications.” (Obviously they knew to call my cell since my home phone was not functioning.

Kerri had given me a temporary # for them to call me on (979-9834). She said that number would be transferred to my old number once they fixed things.NO ONE CALLED! I had also told her that they should call my cell cause I work and go to school and wasn’t going to be home until 9:30 at night.

• Kerri had also said “If Vonage disconnects you due to non-payment, you would have to reactivate the phone with them before we could get your old number back.” That was very disconcerting. Especially since none of this would have happened if the guy that changed my service had done what he was supposed to do in the first place. Now Vonage is charging me double cause they were not able to charge my card(they didn’t get notice I was switching).

• Kerri says “Loren activated Starrs network, for your trouble.” That’s nice but that doesn’t fix the problem.

• 1-18-16: Spoke to Romana (Employee # 3093990). Had to tell the WHOLE STORY FROM THE BEGINNING and of course each time I call I have to go through the prompts and when I finally get someone on the phone, they ask a million questions and I have to start from scratch. By this time I am ready to dump Comcast altogether cause I am OUT OF PATIENCE!

• 1-18 ***’t: Romana transferred me to Ed (Employee # 91629) from Activation. Holding for A LONG TIME AGAIN! Speaking to Activation AGAIN.

• Back to Romana (it is now 9:50 pm and I am still on the phone with Comcast!

She had me turn off my modem AGAIN. We went through the whole thing twice that night. Waiting for lights to turn on and it is taking A VERY LONG TIME and it is not working. Finally after trying all kinds of things, she gets the phone working (there is a dial tone but it was only temporary. It didn’t last. Soon no dial tone again.

• Romana says “Something is wrong with the system. It is not working.” She said she scheduled a tech person to check the connections outside my house to see if there is a problem. She says he will be here on Wed 1-20 and she says I don’t have to be home for that. She says he will call me on my cell phone and let me know the status.

She says “742-6393 is now connected”. I asked if they let Vonage know and she says “Yes Ma’am.”

• It is now 10:04 pm! I now have a dial tone. I thought this was going to be it! However, I called my home phone from my cell and it didn’t ring and my machine did not turn on. On my cell I hear a voice mail with a general message that says to leave a message. I had told two reps already to remove voicemail from my service. I have a machine and don’t want voicemail. Regardless, the phone doesn’t ring here so they service is not working.

• 10:45 Romana called me back. What a miracle! Someone from Comcast is actually calling me back! Says the guy coming on the 20th will determine if it is a problem with my outside connection and will call me to let me know what he finds.

• NO ONE CALLED ME as usual! So I assumed no one came cause I still didn’t have a dial tone.

• 1/25/16: (around 9:30 pm) Called Comcast AGAIN.

Rep: Keseia (Empoyee # 1213) said her name REALLY FAST and I couldn’t understand it. Even when she spelled it out she said it so fast I couldn’t get it and immediately went on to say something else. I had to stop her three times and asked her to spell it fast. I finally thought she said KESEIA and she said “Yes” but it sounded like she just wanted to shut me up and didn’t really want me to have her name. I wonder if that is even her real employee #!

• I asked Keseia to put me though to a supervisor cause I was not going to go through the whole story again and get nowhere and was NOT going to let her reset my modem AGAIN cause that had been done plenty! She says it might be a ½ hour to 1 hour hold for me to speak to a supervisor. I said “NO way am I waiting that long after all the people I have talked to and held on for!” She says “Ok, I will try to get you someone around here that can talk to you.” She put me on hold. I held on TEN minutes and hung up.

• Believe it or not Keseia CALLED ME BACK! Asked me to hold AGAIN. I held for ten minutes. Tomica (a Supervisor in Giana!) was on the line. Employee #95012.

• Tomica of course had to start from scratch and asked for my name, address, etc. I asked her for the # of the Corporate office and she gave me the run around saying that I had to hold cause “my system isn’t working” and “it is very slow right now”. Finally she gives me a phone number and it turns out to be the regular Comcast number! NOT the Corporate office. I had asked her for an address and she claimed she couldn’t give me that cause she didn’t have it in her system. A SUPERVISOR DOESN’T HAVE ACCESS TO THE ADDRESS OF THE CORPORATE OFFICE???? Sounds a little strange to me. There should be a phone number where you can call with complaints! What kind of company doesn’t have that?

• I called the number she gave me that she had claimed was the corporate office and it was the regular Comcast #. The guy had easy access to the Corporate office address and gave it to me. I refused to go through the whole story from the beginning with him again like I’d done countless # of times! He said to write to One Comcast Center, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

• Tomica set it up for a Tech to come in person on Wed 7-8 am. I thought at the time, “If he gives me a new modem and it starts kicking me off the internet again I am just going to give up and dump Comcast altogether”.

• Well, she showed up (late of course) but showed up and actually called me to say he would be late. He was able to fix the modem and get all the lights to work so now I have internet at least!

• However, he could not get the phone to work. He says he will have someone call me to verify that I want to switch to Comcast (this is the third time someone says this). But he was there in person and he said he would make it happen. He went out to his truck and spend A LONG time there and I thought he had left. I called him on the number he had called me on. He answered and said he will be back shortly. In the meantime I called Vonage and they said no one from Comcast tried to call them and if they did and they got an error message I should call them and find out what the error message number is and I can call them back with that number and they will make the switch. Jesus (the tech) came back. He had them call me. I listened to a recording that asked me to say yes to everything if I wanted the changes. I did so. I was told by Tomica that I should have my phone working within a day or two.

• Came home on the 30th and tried to call my phone and I still don’t have incoming calls.

• 1-30-16: Called Comcast YET ONE MORE TIME!

Spoke to Laura (Employee # 4LS) who connected me to Ed from the Tech Dept (Employee # 448545) from the Phillipines. Of course he made me explain everything from the beginning AGAIN. He called my home phone and asked me to hold and not hang up. Came back on the line and said he can’t call my phone because of a “system failure on his end.” Wanted to transfer me to a Level 2 rep. I said forget it. I want to talk to someone from billing to see what they are going to do about my bill cause I am not paying that bill when I haven’t had service for a month and a half and even longer if you count the fact that I have been getting cut off the internet since OCTOBER. I held on for about 5 minutes AGAIN. I hung up.

• Called back and asked for Billing. Spoke to Cooper (Employee # 1231762191) says all he can give me is a $30 credit. After all I have been through and no phone or internet for 1 ½ months! NO WAY!

• He transferred me to a supervisor named Christine who says all she can do is give me a $99 credit. Then she says “I see here that someone on 1-19 gave you a credit and reduced it to $137. No one I spoke to had said they were going to do that and I didn’t even speak to anyone on the 19th. I spoke to someone on the 18th though. Anyway, she said she was VERY sorry about all I have been through and she will speak to her supervisor tomorrow (Sunday) and see what can be done. I told her after I pay whatever it is I am going to disconnect Comcast cause I can’t stand this anymore. She asked me to wait till tomorrow to see what could be done. She also said that Vonage sometimes takes up to a month to switch the service, so since they only connected me with Verification ((IF THAT IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED FOR IT TO WORK), I won’t have incoming calls till the end of Feb. NO ONE CALLED ME AT 10 am! My phone was almost dead at around noon and I plugged it in and didn’t hear any calls but later found out that Christine had called at 1:31 pm and apologized for not calling at 10am. Says she and her supervisor went through everything this morning and my balance is 169.05. She told me yesterday it was $137 and I paid it through her. She gave me a confirmation #. She said on her message that she still has to give me a credit of $99 which will go through tomorrow, so “if you check the automated system tomorrow it will say you owe $70.05. That doesn’t make sense since I paid $137 yesterday.

• She said on the message “If there’s anything else I can do for you, please call 1-800-Comcast and ask for me at extension 3024319. If I don’t answer the rep can send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.“

• I went through the regular prompts and was connected to an “agent”- Tony (Employee # 1917686). Tells me to hold and I wait ten minutes and hang up.

• I call Comcast again and ask for Billing. When I finally get a guy on the phone I have to give him all kinds of info again. He says there is no such extension and he can’t find out who Christine is. I should have expected this!

• He says my balance was $306 (my bill says $291.65 for two months). I haven’t had internet or phone for a month and a half and I don’t think they can charge me that much. Also, I should be compensated for all my time and trouble and the stress they put me through talking to countless number of people and being put on hold and being given the run around. He says she did document that I paid $137 but there is still a balance of 160 something. With the 99 she will credit me with I still owe $70!

I need to speak to someone from Corporate and someone should call me! I am not going to spend one more minute talking to reps on the phone. There is no point in it. I cannot believe the gross incompetence of the representatives in your company! I have spent HOURS on the phone with many people who lie and promise they will call and they don’t…people who promise to call Vonage and they don’t…people who promise to send someone to check the outside connections and when I call the next day there is no record that they were even planning on sending someone. Etc, etc.

I am at a point now that I don’t even care if I ever watch tv again or use my home phone. All I want is internet service and will get that from Century Link. I have my cell phone to make calls anonth d access the internet anyway. I will be making this letter public. I do not think people should be subjected to this type of incompetence. It is very stressful to say the least. I do not believe I should be charged AT ALL for the month and a half without internet or phone and I should be compensated for my trouble.

And I also had trouble with Comcast a few years ago when they published my home phone and address and I was working at a prison. It is very dangerous for an inmate to be released and look me up and find me. After that my phone and address got on the internet and it is easy for anyone to find out where I live. They gave me three months free service at that time but what did that do for me. My information is out there for anyone to find. INCOMPETENCE again!

I am fed up and will be disconnecting the service. Allarah LaVelle

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Reason of review: No internet or phone for 1 1/2 months.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: I want company to look up employees that I listed and fire them or at least reprimand them. I listed most of their employee #'s. I want to be compensated for the hours I wasted on the phone and for the time with no service. .

I didn't like: Incompetent customer service reps, Have to call multiple times to get a good call center person, Lies about pricing.

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