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Update by user May 31, 2022

did not... NO personal contact ever

Update by user May 31, 2022

DID NOT -- no personal contact

Update by user May 31, 2022

The problem is exclusively with e-mail services

Update by user May 31, 2022

NOBODY CONTACT or answer--

Original review posted by user May 31, 2022

To= Comcast Service STEPS ?? Comcast was the one that should have taken steps?

--- after the complaint ???

Im seriously considering in changing carriers. All our friends who have Verizon -cheaper- and dont have any situation like this, they CAN TALK to a LIVE PERSON instead of going an hour or so, thru answering machines and direct the customer to the www. WHICH doesnt have [didnt have in my case] all the answers to a problem.. EVEN the so called live talk was pitifully answered by a computer.


Is deterring their customers because of the lousy - NON- CUSTOMER ORIENTED SERVICE !!!

Comcast. Is NOT even CONSIDERING that many Customers are elderly and even worst, many of them are not familiar with a computer or are able to explain their problems

Comcast. Is disrespectful with the Customers time consuming in the phone trying to solve a simple question / situation.. which cant even be solved..

PS/ It looks like Comcast HAD to create a PissedConsumer Team ..

Wow !! thats a sign that therere a lot of unhappy consumers BUT, INSTEAD should have had designed a GOOD LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE not again, an impersonal unrelated tool



P. Martin-Strader

Woodbridge, VA 22191

User's recommendation: Avoid Comcast email.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Comcast Cons: Terrible customer service - no alive person to contact.

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