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Too keep an extremely long story short. Comcast is hands down the worst organization I've ever dealt with.

No exaguration at all. Have talked too perhaps 4 or 5 different representatives over the past 2 weeks and my billing is a complete mess. Each representative has told me different things and each one has lied to me. Hands down worst communication I've ever received from a company.

Like I said, to keep it short and simple please just listen to my warning if you are a new customer. Comcast does nothing but offer over priced packages, mediocre internet service, miscommunication and make sure you monitor your promotional deal towards the end. Because they will not get a hold of you and are just waiting badly too skyrocket your bill to something outrageous. Then when you ask for a simple fix due to you not knowing your bill would he that high after promotion, they won't do anything for you except lie and transfer you too another representative.

There are cheaper better options out there I promise you. I promise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Just to put it in perspective, we've had Comcast about 10 years and are very satisfied. It rarely goes down and even then we just call them, they tell us when it will working and it is.

Even then it's only been for short times a couple times a year.

Our Internet connections runs around 85 to 100 Mbps consistently.

It's expensive, we get channels we don't care about like all the services, but we love X1 and will stick with it.

And No, I do not have anything to do with them besides being a satisfied customer.