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I had my first terrible experience with Comcast today. After waiting a week for my appointment date (today, noon-4pm) and staying home from work, I get a call at 3:30 letting me know that they're cancelling my appointment and moving it out a week. Thanks for the timely notice, Comcast. Then when I call to find out what can be done about it, I'm on hold for 20 minutes before I get transferred to a "supervisor's" voicemail. I'd be amazed if I actually get a call back.

I've always heard horror stories, but I've never experienced it until today. Guess there's really no incentive for these guys to respect their customers since they're the only show in town.

I'll probably end up calling back tomorrow to cancel my order and switching to DSL instead - just on principle.

If there's any of you guys in Seattle that had a similar experience, I just found out that we're not completely powerless. You can always file a complaint with the Seattle government agency that oversees these guys - maybe that's the only way to get taken seriously. Here's the phone #:

Seattle Office of Cable Communications



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Madiun, Jawa Timur, Indonesia #27645

Sorry about your bad experience! Comcast is a terrible company to deal with. My husband and I couldn't get a dish when we moved into our new home 2 yrs ago due to trees in the neighbors yard. We called Comcast to set up service. We also stayed home from work on the appointment day but no one ever showed up.

We called the company and they called the installers. They said they would be there soon. Two hours go by and still no installers.

We call back and end up scheduling a new appointment. Originally they wanted to push it out for a month away but a supervisor got us an appointment the next day.

THEN at almost 11pm - the installers call our house to tell us that they weren't going to make it to our house!

A different installer showed up the next day. He was wonderful and very nice but the overall experience was terrible.

The entire time that we were with Comcast was terrible. The tv service was very unreliable and the customer service was terrible. Blah!

We recently scrapped Comcast for Verizon FIOS TV and couldn't be happier! :)

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