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After 4-5 hrs total time on the phone (my cell, I have VoIP) I finally had the third "2nd tier" specialist convince me my personal modem was at "end of life" as far as their technology goes.... Well, I finally said f it , and drove down to the local Comcast building (btw, I do have to commend them for at least having a b and b vs.

verizon, no building at all to talk with someone in person) and the clerks at the window were actually technically savvy! They told me my modem is fine and the only problem was they had me on the wrong "channel" (2 vs.3), whatever that means, anyway I "rented" a new identical modem from them just to "make sure" I could get the Internet and VoIP working ASAP. Well, it did, because the clerk at the equipment place entered the s/n and Mac Id of the rental modem (and changed the "channel"). So after I sequentially brought all my network pieces back online I called Comcast loser support back (took 4x to get a somewhat English speaking person) but then I had him re enter the numbers of my original modem and it all works great (10 hrs later, all the same equip, all the same cables, different IP ( due to all the bs).........

All said,...

I would say probably NO to recommending Comcast but when I look at my only other option (Verizon,...humm,..... It's a tough call, I hate to say it but I'd probably still recommend Comcast).

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Look, they outsource their customer service (along with many other companies)overseas and there is your reason for their incompetence. They are from India or Pakistan (no offense to those countries, by the way) but the idiots I've had to deal with completely perplex me.

They cannot speak English well and they certainly cannot "fix" ANY problem ANYONE has!! They read from a script and basically have no clue what you're even talking about.

It infuriates me, I'm telling you..if there was another option you better believe I'd be switching in a second. Ugh.

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