Rockford, Illinois
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Over the years I have subscribed to five different cable companies at different home locations but have never run into such incompetence and arrogance as found at Comcast. On two different occasions they have billed me for four months of service though I sent them copies of cashed checks and money orders for each month. They simply ignored the proof and kept billing me.

The first time it happened I finally wrote to the CEO of Comcast with copies to the local office. The next time, I wrote to the franchising authority, the local city commission. Both matters were finally straightened out but not without a lot of effort and frustration on my part and no thanks to Comcast itself.

A suggestion: Comcast is now in negotiations to buy NBC which, unlike cable networks, comes under the authority of the Federal Communications Commission. If they get NBC it will become as #@%&ed up as Comcast itself is. Please write the FCC and urge that the sale to Comcast not be permitted, and send copies to both of your state's U.S. Senators.

Comcast does not deserve to be rewarded with a broadcast network that airs its programs on wavelengths that belong to the people, not to Comcast.

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Comcast is the worst and seems like a monopoly to me. I am not able to get anything else but DirectTV.

I switched to Comcast for one of their bundle deals but it is not worth it.

I paid $457.53 on 1/21/10 which brought my account up to current yet they shut off my service today 1/27/10. The best part is that I cannot get through to regular customer service (just the payment center) who cannot access my account because they do not have my SS#.


Called Comcast to inquire about increases on future bills. Was told that future bills would not increase my rates would stay the same.

Not true! January bill came and it is $29.00 higher with taxes of course. I called and ask that they keep my bill the lower rate and they refused. Said there was nothing they could do.

I would think to keep a customer they would work with you. They won't. I will be switching to something else.

Bundle service is not a value with Comcast!! :(

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