Fall River, Massachusetts
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I arranged to be home for a scheduled technician visit between 12-4 pm on Friday June 22, 2012.

I was inconvenienced remaining home all afternoon while keeping my cell at hand all day.

The technician did not show or even take the time to place a courtesy call.

I contacted Comcast rep at 4:30pm to request reasons why they (Comcast) schedules appointments and not show or have enough courtesy to contact customers. The Comcast rep rescheduled for Sat morn 9-11am. Now we're forced to change plans again to accommodate Comcast.

Comcast stinks!!! We will be researching options/alternatives

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I, too stayed home on Saturday, June 23 between 11 and 1 and nobody showed. I called Comcast shortly after 1 and was told the technician called me, got no answer and cancelled the visit. I was home all day with my phone at my side and nobody called, so the technician was full of it. I was livid, as this was the third rescheduled service call after they had failed to show on Tuesday, June 19th and Thursday, June 21.

So I was told, on June 23 that someone would be out between the time I was on the phone with them (approximately 1:15PM) and 4PM. Nobody showed again and when I called shortly after 4 I was told, again, that the technician called my home and when nobody answered, cancelled the service call, another blatant fabrication because I had the phone sitting next to me all day.

How is this company allowed to do business in this country?

Who is it that they *** to get exclusive rights to provide cable and internet service anywhere they want without any regard for their horrendous reputation?

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