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I have a commercial internet account with Comcast, as I am a web designer and my Internet is my company's lifeline. After experiencing a lack of service on and off for most of the morning, I called to report some issues.

I was told someone would be out to my location (between 5 - 8 PM), and after a call at 11:00 AM to see if I was at home, the tech finally arrived at 7:00 PM.

He was obviously frustrated, as I was most likely his last stop of the evening. My office is located in the back of the house, while the modem is in the den (where the geniuses insisted it be installed). There is no computer near the modem, but I assumed his first task would be to check the signal of the cable line to ensure the signal was being received. Instead, he asked if I had a laptop. I said I did.

"Well, you need to get that," he remarked. I found his tone with me unacceptable.

I said (almost playfully) "What ever happened to ASKING these days? I understand you have had a long day, but I have as well, with missed deadlines. I think you could talk to me a little better than that."

"I don't have to be here," he snapped. "I am trying to help YOU." I was shocked at his need to make this point. "I can leave right now," he said rudely.

I stared in shock that this man had the nerve to come into my home, boss me about, and then talk to me as if I were nothing. "Do you see my children standing here?" I asked. 'Why would you speak to me that way in front of them?"

"You know what? Goodbye." The tech gathered his things and began to head for the door.

Flabbergasted, I said "If you leave over something like this after I have been stranded with no service all day, I WILL be canceling my contract." I walked behind him in disbelief.

"I don't care," he retorted, slamming my door and walking out to get into his van. I followed behind, and he drove away as I stood outside his window asking him why he was doing this.

The tech then went to his supervisor and said I was belligerent with him, and used profanity - an out and out LIE. Unbeknownst to the technician, my husband was home the entire time, listening to the entire conversation on a baby monitor in the upstairs room. After my husband and I explained every detail to the "supervisor" who called, we were told that "his side" needed to be heard, and then there would be some "looking into" this.



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Most of these so called Comcast Techs work as contractors to Comcast and get low pay, no benifits, medical or anything else. They get paid less than $20 per call so if they do not complete 20 calls per day they are not really making money.

They are inexperienced with dealing with clientel in their homes or place of business.

Still this is NO excuse for anyone representing Comcast to be rude to the customers.

Too many times the problems are blamed on the Customer Equipment when it really is not.

Why do you think Comcast is in the process of closing more and more of their USA based call centers and having the phones answered in Philippines and India ?

Comcast does not want to pay realistic USA Wages to their employees !


I'm sorry you went through this. I really wish your husband had come into the room to defend you and tell that "technician" right where he and his inept, ignorant self can go. Not only was he wrong and unprofessional but he was very ***.

This is a crazy world we live in and if he had gotten nasty with the wrong person he could have possibly been hurt very badly.

Comcast doesn't care who they hire. Most of these idiots are college dropouts with no real professional training.

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