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comcast ain't *** and thats why im changing to dish network you will never get my money fy comcast today march 1 2010 they keep telling me i have a pass due i pay my bill on the 3rd every month by the 15 they tryin to get more money out of me i don't have money to pay them twice a month kma im movin and they would not change my service over until i pay that but could not tell me where the pass due came from again kma so im getting the dish and kna comcast

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Maybe they spoke to you that way because you're an ***.I'm sure Dish Network will love you.

Good luck with them when you don't pay your bill their either. Could it be that you owe more because you never actually paid the full balance on your account?

Wait, you probably don't even know how to read your bill.Can you even add?

*** ***.


Comcast does have Reps that talk to you unprofessional I have experienced it frist hand.The thing about about it you are paying for their services, I switched and went to Direct TV and the rep was trying to tell me how Direct wasn't good and so on.

Have Not had any problems with Direct TV.Comcast retrained your employees to be more professional, If they do not know how to speak to people send them on their way, you as a company is losing very good customers!

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