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I called what I thought was Comcast to get a wireless router. Come to find out, it is support squad/saveology that I am talking to.

I buy a router with the promise of a $45 rebate. When I get the router, I have to cancel the automatic $10/month fee for the service, which was a pain.

At any rate, when I go to get the rebate like the salesman Roger Donahue told me I could get, I find I am not eligible for it because of a new service I didn't sign up for (I was an existing customer with Comcast). I call telling them I was told I could get a rebate.

They were going to "pull the tapes and listen to the call" and get back to me. They never did. I call again weeks later: the manager can't be found but I'll get a phone call that day...no call. I call back weeks after that, wait a long time on hold, and am told I'll get a call back within the hour about what they determined regarding what I was told on my original call with Roger.

No call back.

What a piece of *** company...how do those that make decisions there even sleep at night?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same thing! I called both Support Squad and Comcast and both deny charging us for their services.

Chase credit card called support squad and was able to dispute our charges. WTF?!

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