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i called to get service . and told the person on other end to please just give me 1 price, don't give me price then keep adding stuff .

i repeated myself 3 times , and was gave a price . i ask is that tax , title , license . she said no there is your state tax on top of that . so i said ok .now that price was $119.99 $109.00 (service)+10.00 (box ) + tax .

i said ok that sounds good . but wait there is also a 50.00 installation fee so once again i said ok now is that the told cost . (answer) yes sir . ok then go ahead .

she then said told is sir $169.99 + tax first mo. then $119.00 + tax . ok but did not add 1 more penny . (answer) no sir that is it .

not 10 words later of sir there is a $15.00 charge also . on top of the $169.00 . so we are now at $184.00 . *** NO !

watch out this company will try every thing they can to over charge you and lie to you. think about it if i was lied to all them time before service what do you think it would be like after they got your money !

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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